Education Institutions are the abodes of knowledge and are the beacon lights of wisdom and enlightenment. Swami Vivekanand Night College functions with such noble mission of uplifting the socially and economically deprived strata of the society by imparting them quality education. Gain freedom through education has been the motto of Swami Vivekanand in whose name the college is functioning. Hence the vision and the mission of our institution is not to produce prodigies but to turn the rough stones into marbles.

The Rashtriya Shikshan Sanstha started its night college in 1998, and within a short span of time, our college has become an instrument in providing access to Higher Education to employed for promotion in job or social status & thereby transforming the social fabric of the area. The fruits of our labor were realized in December 2007 when our college was accredited by NAAC.